Patient Reviews

“To Dr. Krieg, Dr. Mandel, Dr. Portadin, Dr. Dimino, Dr. Kirwin, Dr. Neuwirth, and all the wonderful office staff, Thank you cannot express all the care and help you all gave us during the 9 months before Noah arrived! Also the delivery too! Thank You!”


“I received several referrals from friends for WPS and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to my healthcare. …The staff in the office is also very caring and extremely friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone!!! Top Notch Office!!!”


“I am a patient of Dr. Neuwirth’s and not only have I had great experiences with all the doctors at the practice, but the nurses are always nice and helpful, and whenever I need anything like results, papers faxed somewhere, or any help with insurance authorization and referrals, I have always been treated with the upmost respect. At my appointments, the nurse in all the offices have been great. I would recommend this practice to anyone of my friends or family.”


“Many of my friends are patients at Womens Physicians and Surgeons and they just rave about the doctors, the nurses and the service. Dr. Dimino is very popular and everyone has the nicest things to say about him. The staff is great, always answering questions and helpful with insurance paperwork”


“Dear Dr. Mandel, Thank you so much for being so wonderful, supportive, kind, and patient. It was really tough and I couldn’t have done it without you being so caring. I’m so happy you were the doctor who delivered and thankful for your compassion.”


“Dr. Barth, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for seeing my daughter so promptly. It is not easy trying to find a practice as outstanding as yours. I feel more than confident that my daughter has an excellent physician to go with an extremely caring and competent support staff.”


“Thank you so much Dr. Portadin for being so wonderful and bringing our little girl into our world”


“Dr. Kirwin, Thank you so much for all of your help during my pregnancy. I appreciate all of the attention and care. I cannot say how thankful I am to have my son in my life-and its thanks to you.”


“I delivered my baby boy with Dr. Krieg and from start to finish she made my birthing experience what I always dreamed it would be. The entire time she provided me with wonderful care and the support and encouragement I needed. I can’t even put into words the thanks I feel for Dr. Krieg helping me bring my little miracle into the world.”


“The staff at WPS are all top notch. Dr. Neuwirth, who delivered my daughter, is absolutely awesome. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable, he explains everything until you know thoroughly what is going on.”


“The group at Women’s Physicans and Surgeons are a great group of doctors. My favorite doctor is Dr. Dimino. He has a way of making you feel so at ease in an otherwise uncomfortable situation and he really cares about his patients”


“To the physicians, nurses, and staff at WP&S, we would like to thank you for the care you provided during my pregnancy. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Dimino and Dr. Krieg for delivering our girl”


“Dr. Neuwirth delivered my 1st baby…loved his care and compassion…It was great experience. I am very happy with all of the doctors at WPS and highly recommend them!”


“Dr. Portadin, Dr, Dimino, and staff, Thank you so much for everything you did to help make this pregnancy smooth and uneventful. Thanks for all of your attentiveness and assistance throughout these 9 months!”


“Dear Dr. Kirwin, We just wanted to extend our thanks to bringing our newest addition to the family into the world! You are excellent at what you do.”


“Dear Dr. Dimino, Thank you for everything. My birth experience was so positive and amazing because of you!”