In-Office Procedures Performed in Central New Jersey

Endometrial Ablation

NovaSure ® and Her Option are both non-surgical office based endometrial ablation procedures used to treat the lining of the uterus (endometrium) in women experiencing heavy menstrual periods. Your physician may recommend either procedure when birth control pills have been ineffective or have produced undesirable effects such as weight gain, moodiness etc.


Novasure is a safe procedure using radio frequency energy (radio waves) to permanently remove the uterine lining (endometrium). The procedure is performed by your physician gently inserting a thin wand, with a mesh array, into the uterus. Once the mesh has conformed to the uterine wall, a radio frequency is generated for about 90 seconds and the wand with the array is then removed. The uterine lining will be shed over the next week to 10 days. Results have included a significant reduction in menstrual bleeding, stopped periods, reduced PMS symptoms and reduced pain and cramping.

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Her Option Cryoablation

Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy is a safe and effective ablation procedure that uses sub-zero temperatures (cryoablation) to reduce or eliminate the uterine lining (endometrium). By doing so, there’s less tissue to shed each month which means dramatically less menstrual bleeding. Ultrasound guidance during the procedure lets us monitor the therapy as it happens. Cryoablation offers additional long term benefits including reduced PMS symptoms and reduced pain and cramping.

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Note: Pregnancy after any form of endometrial ablation is a rare but possible event and the risk of complications is increased.



Hysteroscopy is an office or hospital based procedure that is used to look inside the uterus. It utilizes a hysteroscope, a slender telescope-like device, which is inserted into the uterus. The procedure is commonly used to:

  • diagnose or treat uterine problems associated with abnormal bleeding
  • to help with the diagnosis of frequent miscarriages
  • to locate an intrauterine device
  • remove adhesions caused by infection or past surgeries
  • perform sterilization procedures

Women who are pregnant should not have the procedure.

LEEP (Loop Electrical Excision Procedure)

Leep is an office procedure that is used to remove abnormal (precancerous) cells from the cervix. It can also be used to remove genital warts. Local anesthesia is utilized.