Cosmetic Services

Women's Physicians and Surgeons an Axia Women's Health Care Center is excited to welcome Karen Quagliariello, a cerified esthetician and trained technician for i-Lipo Ultra, non-surgical body contouring treatment. Other services that Karen provides include facials, facial peels and skin analysis for Obagi medical skin corrective products. Karen has 35 years of experience in this field.

Medi-Spa Services in Central New Jersey

i-Lipo Ultra

i-Lipo Ultra is for women and men of all ages; low-level lasers break down stored triglycerides which are released through cell membranes, then transported to body tissues where they are burned off during exercise. This targets body areas of your choice including the most difficult ones to reduce. This is accomplished within 8 treatments which are twice a week for one month. Treatment time is 20 minutes which can be followed with optional infrared laser vacuum massage. An additional 10-15 minutes is required for this. Results are long term provided you continue eating sensibly and exercise. Results can be seen immediately and with each treatment.


This is a highly effective intense pulsed light treatment used for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. If you've had it with unsightly hair, irritated bumps, ingrown hairs and pustules, then this service is for you!  No irritation and minimal discomfort, It can be used on most skin types with large areas being treated. Some of the most popular areas for hair removal include face, chin, under arms, bikini line, legs and arms. A visible improvement is seen in a far shorter time than with electrolysis. Used for both men and women, treatment varies from a few minutes to 30 minutes, depending on treated area. The results can last anywhere from many months to permanent.


We offer these for women, teens, and men. Extras may be added on such as paraffin face treatment, Blue Radiance chemical peel and foot reflexology. Facials consist of skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, massage (face, neck, shoulders), individualized masque, serum, eye treatment, moisterizer and reflexology hand massage, (with hands placed in warm mitts during the facial). This all calms the mind, lifts the spirit and beautifies the skin.

Obagi Medical Skincare 

These are the finest skin corrective products available. They address skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation (dark spots, sun damage), fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, as well as acne. The visible difference is amazing!!

Medi-Spa services are available in the Manalapan office. Call (732) 441-2592 for an appointment or if you would like more information on our Medi-Spa services.