Obstetrical Care

A safe delivery and a healthy baby are of the utmost importance. Women’s Physicians and Surgeons is dedicated not only to providing you and your baby with the safest and highest quality obstetrical care, but to ensure that you have a compassionate and attentive delivery. Employing a comprehensive array of prenatal services and the latest technologies, we adeptly manage both routine and high risk pregnancies. When it comes time to deliver, we collaborate with Centrastate Medical Center and its highly acclaimed Magnet nursing staff to make your delivery a special experience. It is reassuring to know that Centrastate has neonatologists and anesthesiologists that are available 24/7. For your comfort we only use private labor and postpartum rooms. In addition, very high nurse to patient ratios assure individualized attention.

We look forward to making this important part of your life as rewarding and joyous as possible!

Specializing in prenatal care

The following healthcare services focus specifically on the care and treatment before and during pregnancy, at childbirth and during the period of recuperation following childbirth:


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